What is SWPBIS?
SWPBIS stands for School-Wide Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports. In short, it is a systems approach, used in schools across the nation, for establishing the social culture and individualized behavior supports needed for schools to be effective learning environments for all students. The system focus is clearly defined behavior expectations and positive reinforcement for all students.

Why do Oak Creek students and staff need SWPBIS?
Oak Creek staff wants to create a sense of unity and pride amongst the students at Oak Creek. The system will enable Oak Creek staff to consistently promote, teach, and maintain appropriate student behavior.

What are the behavior expectations for students?
W Winning Attitude

I Integrity

S Show Respect & Responsibility

E Encourage Others

How will students learn the WISE Owl behavior expectations?
Oak Creek staff has created videos demonstrating the inappropriate behavior alongside the WISE Owl behavior in each of the settings on campus. Students will view these videos and the positive incentive system will be introduced during the first week of school. Also during the first week of school, the entire staff will conduct a “kick-off” for the SWPBIS system by walking the students through the different areas of the campus where they will review expectations, demonstrate appropriate behavior, and role play making positive choices. Every student will earn a passport with a stamp from each setting verifying that they have learned the WISE expectations and what they look like in that area.

How does the program reinforce positive behavior?
Oak Creek staff has worked diligently to develop meaningful and fun incentives for our students. Students are awarded and recognized on a monthly basis for success in adhering to these expectations. In addition, students will have an opportunity to earn WISE Owl Tickets throughout the school day from any staff member that observes the student behaving in a WISE manner. The staff has come up with many incentives that will appeal to students and students will have an opportunity to place each ticket in a raffle box for an opportunity that he/she desires.

What happens if my child has a behavior problem at school?
Behavior citations (small quarter sheet size) will be given to students for minor behaviors that occur outside of the classroom. The citation serves as a warning that the behavior choice was inappropriate. We hope you will take the opportunity to discuss WISE choices with your child and return the signed copy to your child’s teacher indicating that you received notification of the behavior. Full-page Referrals are given when a student displays major behaviors anywhere on campus. These referrals are reviewed and/or issued by the principal.

Playground game rules are taught and reviewed throughout the school year, and are available in student planners and on our website. Students are held responsible for learning and following these rules. 11 Oak Creek Students will be using the following Conflict Resolution Strategies to help them become better problem solvers:

  1. Talk it over
  2. Walk away
  3. Say “I’m sorry”
  4. Do something else
  5. Take Turn
  6. Share
  7. Ignore
  8. Ask for help (first from a peer then from an adult after using three or more of the above tools first)